Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A 25-member team, including 20 Rohingyas, is leaving for Myanmar on Friday: repatriation could begin this month

Staff Correspondent :

New possibilities of Rohingya repatriation are about to be opened. If everything goes well, the repatriation can start this month, said a source. On the other hand, a team of 25 members is going from Bangladesh to Myanmar on Friday to prepare for repatriation and monitor the environment. The 25-member team includes 20 Rohingya and 5 Bangladeshi officials. They will monitor the overall situation there and are expected to return the same day.
The life of the Rohingyas has now been 6 years after spending 5 years after being tortured by the army in Myanmar and taking refuge in Bangladesh.
As the daylight fades, fear fills the evening. Common Rohingyas are afraid of when they will disappear, when their lives will be lost at the hands of terrorists including Arsa. So the Rohingya also want to return to their country.

Previously, the list of more than 8 lakh Rohingyas sent from Bangladesh was sent to Myanmar. Myanmar has decided about 1,140 people in the first phase as a pilot project to take back from it. From there, Myanmar has been objecting to 429 people. Later, on March 15, a technical team of 15 members from myanmar came to Teknaf in Bangladesh and checked the information of 480 people and returned.
A source said that repatriation may begin soon with the 1,180 vetted. If all goes well, next Friday a team of vetted Rohingyas will visit the sites in Myanmar where they will be held after repatriation. The repatriation process will begin immediately after the visit.

Meanwhile, Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Mohammad Mizanur Rahman spoke to reporters about the progress of the repatriation process after Myanmar’s technical team inspected.
At that time he said that the only solution to the Rohingya problem is repatriation. Repatriations have taken place before but they have not been sustained. This time, the government is working closely with Myanmar for sustainable Rohingya repatriation. He hopes to start repatriation soon with the Rohingyas verified by the technical team.

In 2017, more than One million Rohingya took refuge in Ukhia Teknaf, Bangladesh, after being tortured in their own country. Gradually, as the Rohingyas have become a burden to the locals, the Rohingyas also want to come out of the sheltered life and return to their homeland. Government officials are yet to comment on repatriation or Friday’s visit, but a source said the situation is favorable for repatriation. Rohingya repatriation stopped since 2005. Even though repatriation initiatives have been taken several times, it has not been successful due to various reasons. But this time the analysts see the light of hope.

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